Dismantling the Patriarchal Hierarchy in Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady

  • Ramesh Prasad Adhikary Assistant Professor, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu M.M. Campus, Nepalgunj, Nepal
Keywords: Patriarchy, Feminism, Rebellion, Identity


This research paper is focused on how Willa Cather portrays the inner rebellion and the passion of a female character, Marian Forrester in her novel A Lost Lady. She walks against the social norms and she is presented as a rigid character who dismantles the male created hierarchy woman as a subordinate being in the society. Though she is married and living happily with her husband, somewhere deep down in her heart she is not happy with her husband. Marian seems to transcend her husband’s order. At that time female were not allowed to enjoy their freedom like the males. Marian goes against male hegemony and to create her separate identity. As a qualitative research, by using radical feminism as a tool of interpretation, the researcher collected textual evidenced from Cather’s novel and interpreted them to fulfill the objective of this research. This research concludes that Cather’s Marian has dismantled the social hierarchy created by the male superiority or patriarchy in the novel.

Author Biography

Ramesh Prasad Adhikary, Assistant Professor, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu M.M. Campus, Nepalgunj, Nepal

Dr. Ramesh Prasad Adhikary is an assistant professor of Tribhuwan Univeristy, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been teaching English literature at M.M. Campus since 2007. He has completed his PhD in Existential philosophy and has been doing his research on English language, literature and literary theories. He has created more than 40 international articles and 18 books on various topics of English literature.


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