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The research method used is qualitative research with a case study approach. Data collection techniques are interviews, observation and documentation. The technique for determining informants used was purposive and snowball techniques. The data analysis technique uses interactive data developed by Miles &amp; Huberman, namely Data Collection, Data Condensation, Data Display, and Conclusions Drawing and Verifying. The results of research using role theory by Ife &amp; Tesoriero (2008) are 1) Facilitating roles and skills are running well and the facilities provided in terms of facilities and infrastructure already exist 2) Educating roles and skills still have obstacles, namely the difficulty of changing mindsets from street children and in terms of this training is not going well because the number of street children who take part in training every year is still relatively small 3) Roles and Representation Skills have been carried out in collaboration with various parties 4) Roles and Technical Skills have gone well but still There is an obstacle, namely the lack of budget.</em></p> Isni Humaidah, Arimurti Kriswibowo Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 15:35:25 +0700 The Effect of the Project Based Learning Model on Student Science Learning Outcomes <p><em>To determine the effect of the PjBL model on the learning outcomes of grade VII students of SMP Negeri 2 Barombong, Gowa Regency. This research uses quasi-experimental methods. The place of research is carried out at SMP Negeri 2 Barombong, Jl. Poros Kanjilo No. 11, Kanjilo Village, Barombong District, Gowa Regency. The results showed that the students' abilities were in the medium category. This research indicates a significant influence of the application of the project-based learning model on student learning outcomes. The project-based learning model is able to provide a more interactive and immersive learning experience, which in turn has a positive impact on student academic achievement.</em></p> Maria Margaretha Terunenan Takndare, Adnan Adnan, Nurhayati Nurhayati Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 15:42:23 +0700 The Strategy to Improve MSME Performance through Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Readiness, Knowledge Management, and E-Commerce Adoption <p><em>Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are among the most important contributors to the Indonesian economy. In the digital era, using e-commerce is one of the strategies to face the increasing competition in the business world. However, MSMEs in Indonesia are still faced with various obstacles, primarily related to the lack of mastery of technology and the unoptimized utilization of e-commerce in business. Based on this, it is necessary to check the factors that can enhance MSME performance. This study aims to analyze the influence of entrepreneurial orientation, organizational readiness, knowledge management, and e-commerce adoption, which are expected to improve MSME performance in the digital era. Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) is used to test the relationship between these variables. This study involved 241 MSME owners/managers who have adopted e-commerce in their businesses in the food and beverage industry. The results showed that entrepreneurial orientation, organizational readiness, knowledge management, and e-commerce adoption can significantly improve the performance of MSMEs in food and beverage businesses. These findings better explain how MSME players can optimally improve capabilities and organizational resources to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and superior business performance.</em></p> Himmatul 'Aliyah, Sari Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 15:57:33 +0700 Corporations As Legal Subjects In Environmental Crimes <p><em>This study seeks to examine the legal implications of corporate accountability in relation to environmental crimes. To address this difficulty, we rely on theoretical sources written by Philipus M. Hadjon and Tatiek Sri Djatmiati. They contend that under the civil law system, the first approach should be a legal one. The data were gathered in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations in Indonesia and were subjected to qualitative analysis. This article asserts that legal liability for criminal actions of environmental harm extends beyond people to include legal organizations or companies as entities subject to criminal law. In this scenario, both the board and the business have equal culpability for committing an environmental offense.</em></p> Nur Khalifah Agustin Sari, Ariawan Gunadi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:02:46 +0700 Analysis of HIV/AIDS Mitigation Strategies through the Penta Helix Model in Surabaya <p><em>HIV/AIDS is a highly dangerous disease, thus posing a serious concern for the Surabaya city government, especially considering Surabaya has the highest cases in East Java. It is imperative for the Surabaya city government to address this health issue with special attention to prevent further spread. This research aims to analyze Prevention Transmission Strategies through the Penta Helix Model in Surabaya. The research methodology employed is qualitative descriptive. The study was conducted at the Surabaya City Health Office, Orbit Surabaya Foundation, Radio Republik Indonesia Surabaya, Academia, and Private sectors. The findings indicate that (1) Prevention strategies conducted by the Surabaya City Health Office in preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS cases in Surabaya need improvement, particularly due to the increased number of HIV cases compared to the previous year. (2) Prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission in Surabaya through the Penta Helix Model concept has not been effectively implemented. (3) Prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission in Surabaya lacks collaboration with media, private sectors, and academia.</em></p> S. Andre Prasetyo Utomo, Arimurti Kriswibowo Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:13:40 +0700 Analysis of Waste Management and Community Participation in the Organization of Residential Area in Supporting Facilities <p><em>Waste problems often occur, especially in Batam City, because the increase in population has an impact on increasing the amount of waste. Waste processing is a very important service and needs to be provided by the government. A waste processing pattern that involves community participation is the right decision. The implementation of community participation in Belian Village is still not implemented well. Thus, with the current problems it is interesting to carry out a study with the aim of examining waste management factors and community participation in the arrangement of residential areas in Balian Village, Batam City. Data collection techniques include interviews, questionnaires, observation and documentation. Sampling was carried out using the Random sampling method by taking samples at random. Based on the results of the research conducted, it can be concluded that waste processing in Belian Village starting from the stage of containerization, waste collection, waste sorting, waste processing, waste transportation and final waste disposal process is not optimal because waste sorting has not been carried out, while the role and participation of the community in Belian Village which is still lacking because there are still people who throw rubbish on the roadside or sidewalk. Forms of community participation in waste processing in the Belian sub-district are in the form of physical participation and money which are still lacking due to lack of initiative and community awareness in doing small things such as mutual cooperation.</em></p> Suci Istiqa, Yuanita FD Sidabutar, Selli Dosriani Sitopu Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:24:56 +0700 Analysis of Batam Trans Bus Performance Quality on Urban Transportation System Activities in Supporting Availability of Regional Facilities <p><em>Batam City is one of the developing citiesBus Rapid Transit (BRT) as a mode of mass transportation for the community. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operations began in 2004. The existence of the Trans Batam Bus is still less popular with the public because other modes of transportation are easier to use as daily public transportation. Apart from that, the use of private vehicles is still high in Batam City. Trans Batam buses are provided as an integrated mode of transportation to serve the community and provide comfortable, safe facilities and prioritize safety. This research aims to identify the performance of the Trans Batam Bus transportation system based on the SPM for Road-Based Mass Transport (Permen No. 27 of 2015). The research method uses a questionnaire as a research instrument with data processing using scoring (Likert Scale). Multiple linear regression analysis method to determine the magnitude of performance. The sample was 99 respondents who used Trans Batam services. The research results show that aspects that are considered good and efficient according to public perception are busway facilities (0.748), integration with other transportation systems (0.413), and punctuality (0.233). The results of statistical calculations show that there is an influence of public interest of 72.5% on the performance of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) with the aspects that have the most significant influence, namely security and safety.</em></p> Yayat Yatna Suhara, Yuanita FD Sidabutar, Herlina Suciati, Panusunan Panusunan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 26 Jun 2024 16:37:44 +0700 Implementation of the Aladin Program for Repairing Uninhabitable Houses in Jatiblimbing Village, Dander District, Bojonegoro Regency <p><em>A decent house is a dream for all people to have a healthy and safe life. Bojonegoro Regency has many uninhabitable houses, especially those owned by the poor. This has become the focus of the Bojonegoro Regency Government to overcome the problem of uninhabitable houses by forming the Aladin Program. The purpose of this research is to find out the Implementation of the Aladin Program to Repair Uninhabitable Houses in Jatiblimbing Village, Dander District, Bojonegoro Regency. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. The focus of the research uses David C. Korten's program implementation theory with three elements, namely the program, implementing organization and target group. Data collection techniques were carried out by means of interviews, observation, and documentation. The data analysis technique used the Miles and Huberman interactive model. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of the Aladin Program in Jatiblimbing Village has been implemented quite well although there are still some obstacles in the program elements and target group elements.</em></p> Linda Tri Andini, Indira Arundinasari, Endik Hidayat Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Fri, 28 Jun 2024 16:13:00 +0700 Analysis of Relocation, Infrastructure and Islamic Business Ethics on Consumer Decisions through Consumer Behavior at Pasar Baru Mandailing Natal <p><em>This research aims to analyze the influence of trader relocation, market infrastructure, and Islamic business ethics on consumer decisions and satisfaction at Pasar Baru Mandailing Natal. The research methods used involved surveys, interviews, and path analysis. Research findings show that trader relocation, supported by adequate infrastructure and the application of Islamic business ethics, together create a better trading environment and positively influence consumer decisions and satisfaction. The results of path analysis show that these three factors interact with each other and contribute to shaping consumer perceptions and behavior. The practical implications of this research include the importance of effective communication during the relocation process, sustainable investment in market infrastructure, the implementation of Islamic business ethics as a standard, and a holistic approach to market management.</em></p> Rizka Nasution, Maryam Batubara, Nur Ahmadi Bi Rahmani Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 01 Jul 2024 09:05:18 +0700 Implementation of Mukhabarah in Productive Waqf Management to Improve Social Welfare in Bireuen <p><em>This research examines the implementation of mukhabarah in the management of productive waqf to improve social welfare in Bireuen. Mukhabarah, as a profit-sharing system in agriculture, allows cooperation between nadzir (waqf managers) and cultivators to manage waqf land productively. The research results show that mukhabarah can increase land productivity, cultivator income, and the quality of life of the community. The social impacts of this system include reducing unemployment, increasing agricultural skills, and strengthening social ties. However, the implementation of mukhabarah faces challenges such as a lack of understanding and skills of nadzir, unsupportive regulations, and limited access to capital and technology. The role of the government and Islamic financial institutions is very important in supporting and overcoming these challenges. By increasing the capacity of nadzir and cultivators, developing supportive regulations, facilitating access to capital and technology, infrastructure and market support, as well as collaboration between stakeholders, it is hoped that the implementation of mukhabarah can run more effectively and provide optimal benefits for community welfare.</em></p> Mulyana Fitri, Marliyah Marliyah, Muhammad Arif Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 01 Jul 2024 09:11:04 +0700 Analysis of Service Levels in the Development of Infrastructure and Facilities against Minimum Service Standards in Supporting the Quality of Area Facilities Intanjung Piayu District, Batam City <p><em>The government has an important role in providing public services for its people. Every public service provider must have service standards. One form of standard public service is the service of developing facilities and infrastructure. Facilities and infrastructure development services can be divided into nine elements, namely service procedures, suitability of proposals, timeliness, complaint handling, implementing competence, provider competence, development quantity, development quality and development results. The research was conducted in Tanjung Piayu Village, Batam City by direct observation and filling out a questionnaire regarding community perceptions regarding facilities and infrastructure development services. Type of descriptive qualitative research. This study uses minimum service standards (SPM) and index analysis. The research sample was 80 respondents. The results of the research show that the facilities and infrastructure development services owned by respondents are considered to be in good condition, with a service unit IKM of 76.90. However, there is a mismatch between the results of the assessment and real conditions, there are three elements of services for the construction of facilities and infrastructure that are in poor condition, namely timeliness, service procedures, and construction quantity. So, There is a need for re-management of existing facilities and infrastructure development services in order to further improve the quality of public services provided.</em></p> Syafrijal Syafrijal, Yuanita FD Sidabutar, Fauzan Fauzan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 01 Jul 2024 09:29:38 +0700 Development Factors of Household Waste Reduction Based on the Waste Bank Program on the Quality of Area Facilities <p><em>Implementation of environmentally friendly waste management using a community-based 3R pattern in the form of a waste bank. On-site handling or handling of waste at the source is the treatment of waste that still has economic value which is carried out before the waste reaches the disposal site. This research is descriptive and qualitative research, relying on primary and secondary data collection. Data analysis refers to regulations related to waste. Conclusions are drawn deductively. The results of the analysis show that through a participatory approach, the community is able to identify, analyze and map their own problems, potential, threats and obstacles to the waste problem, as well as find solutions to the waste problem.</em></p> Ade Yasri, Yuanita FD Sidabutar Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 01 Jul 2024 11:08:18 +0700 Analysis of the Filter Bubble Algorithm on TikTok Concerning 'Toxic' Polarization During the 2024 Presidential Campaign <p><em>Social media is a platform for everyone to express and convey information. The emergence of social media certainly affects the behavior of each individual who uses it. This is due to a social media algorithm called the filter bubble, which can lead to polarization as in the Tiktok application and several other social media applications. Simply put, we are made to feel as if we know everything that is happening around us, when in fact we do not. This is what causes 'toxic' polarization to form an ignorant personality. In other words, 'toxic polarization' will isolate every social media user intellectually. Of course, this will be very dangerous if it happens during the 2024 presidential election campaign because it will cause many divisions. The long-term effect will certainly affect democracy so that it can cause stagnation.</em></p> Ruhyat Ruhyat, Danis Tri Saputra Wahidin Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 01 Jul 2024 19:39:55 +0700 Driyarkara's Educational Thought and Its Relevance to Peace Education <p><em>Indonesian society is prone to various conflicts, both political and social. These conflicts not only cause material losses but also claim lives. Therefore, a step is needed to prepare society to face conflicts non-violently, namely through peace education. This paper examines Driyarkara's thoughts on education, which have relevance to peace education. This research uses a library research method and is analyzed using a content analysis method. The primary purpose of education for Driyarkara is to form young people into perfect human beings who not only have good intellect but also good character and morals and are able to live peacefully and harmoniously with other humans. To achieve a peaceful and harmonious personality, education must teach young people to be culturally literate, meaning to know their own culture and understand the cultures of others. Another step that must be taken is to include peace values in every learning process, including every subject, such as social, exact, and language subjects. For Driyarkara, equipping young people with knowledge of culture and peace will create a tolerant younger generation who are positive and able to find solutions to any conflicts that arise.</em></p> Hokkop Fritles Nababan, Abrar Abrar, Nur Aeni Martha Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 08 Jul 2024 10:34:23 +0700 Analysis of Financial Regulatory Challenges for the Development of Islamic Banking in Indonesia <p><em>This article aims to present an analysis of the regulatory challenges in Islamic banking supervision on the sustainability of business and financial models, with a case study on Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI). In the context of the growth of the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia, the main question raised is how regulation affects the sustainability of the business and financial models of Islamic banks, particularly BSI. This research uses a qualitative approach by analyzing relevant laws and regulations and a case study of BSI. The results show that complex and constantly changing regulations can be an obstacle to the sustainability of Islamic banks' business and financial models. Although BSI has adapted itself to the changes, challenges remain, especially in terms of meeting capital requirements, product diversification, and enforcement of sharia rules. In answering the research question, the author concludes that to achieve optimal sustainability, regulations need to be adjusted to better support the development of the Islamic banking industry, including providing incentives for innovation and consistent fulfillment of sharia principles.</em></p> Nana Karlina Panjaitan, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti, Aqwa Naser Daulay Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 08 Jul 2024 11:06:54 +0700 Analysis of Assalam Family Product Elements in the Implementation of Tabarru' Fund Management: A Case Study on PT. AJS Bumiputera, Medan Branch <p><em>Insurance is a form of financial protection that provides a guarantee of payment or benefit in the face of certain risks or losses. If the unexpected risk befalls one of the participants, the loss will be borne together. The purpose of this study is to analyze and describe the elements of Assalam Family products in the context of the implementation of tabarru' fund management at PT. Bumiputera Sharia Life Insurance Medan Branch. This study uses a type of field research, with qualitative research methods, exploring data through interviews, observations, and document analysis. The results of the research obtained are that the Assalam Family Product Element uses the tabarru' contract as the basis for its implementation. The process involves two procedures, namely requesting an Assalam Family sharia life insurance policy and submitting a claim. Tabarru' funds are managed by separating participants' contributions into two separate accounts, participant savings accounts (saving system) and tabarru' accounts (non-saving system). The investment proceeds are divided 70% for participants and 30% for the company, with a risk management commitment of 50% of the contribution. The allocation of funds is invested in sharia stocks and bonds according to sharia principles. If the tabarru' funds run out, the qardh funds are used to overcome the inadequacy, which is taken from the central Bumiputera which is realized to the branches that lack funds to pay compensation or claims submitted by participants.</em></p> Ainun Jakia Ritonga, Ahmad Perdana Indra, Budi Harianto Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Mon, 08 Jul 2024 14:20:13 +0700 Sociological Analysis of Social Assistance Fund Allocation in the 2024 General Election: Democracy and Popular Sovereignty <p><em>The Executive General Election and Legislative General Election in 2024 is a democratic process to elect the President and Vice President as the head of the executive and People's Representatives (DPR, DPD, Provincial DPRD, Regency and City) directly by citizens in Indonesia both domestically and abroad. In general, general elections are an important mechanism in a modern democratic system that allows people to participate in determining state leaders and policies. The policy of allocating Grants and Social Assistance funds during the 2024 Election, precisely at the campaign stage, can potentially be part of Money Politic/money politics. This scientific writing is carried out using a normative juridical system with the aim of this research to investigate and provide an in-depth understanding of the Sociological Background of the Allocation of Social Assistance Funds during the Presidential and Legial Elections, the Allocation Policy of Social Assistance Funds that have the potential for Political Corruption in the Presidential and Legislative Elections, and the social impact and political impact of the Allocation of Social Assistance Funds during the political campaign period of the Presidential and Legislative Elections. Where this scientific writing is expected to be an alternative thought on the various problems above, in the implementation of the next General Election and the allocation of proportional and non-excessive Grants and Social Assistance policies.</em></p> Dedi Mulyadi, Mia Amalia, Aji Mulyana Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Wed, 10 Jul 2024 17:11:26 +0700 Quality of Complaint Services through the Lapor Website at Departement of Education the East Java Provincial <p><em>The development of an Electronic Based Government System is an embodiment of improving the quality of public services. The LAPOR website is a national electronic-based complaint management system that can be accessed by all Indonesian people. The existence of LAPOR mandates that the management of complaint services in every government agency in Indonesia must be integrated with LAPOR, At department of east java provincial education service. The LAPOR website is the most widely used media by the people of East Java in sending complaints to at Departement of Eduaction The East Java Provincial. However, in reality there are still some complaints from the public about the services provided through LAPOR website. The purpose of this research to determine the quality of complaint services through the LAPOR website at Departement of Education The East Java Provincial. This research uses a qualitative approach with data collection techniques through observation, interview, and documentation. The results showed that the quality of complaints service through the LAPOR Website using the four objectives of the Electronic Service Quality theory study was of high quality but not optimal, because there were still several complaints whose follow-up did not run optimally and there were several complaints that experienced delays in the follow-up of further complaints.</em></p> Siti Noer Lia, Tukiman Tukiman Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Tue, 16 Jul 2024 09:46:13 +0700 Analysis of Policy Implementation of the Food Program in Rural Areas <p><em>In order to reduce poverty rates, the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Basic Food Program aims to reduce the burden on KPM expenditures by fulfilling part of their food needs as well as reducing poverty. Implementation of this policy was also held in Purisemanding Village, Jombang Regency. However, it is not yet known how far the Basic Food Program has been implemented in these rural areas. The aim of this research is to analyze the implementation of the Basic Food Program in rural areas, especially in Purisemanding Village. This research uses research methods descriptive with a qualitative approach. By using data analysis techniques developed by Miles &amp; Huberman. The research focus refers to Matland's (1995) theory, namelyPolicy Accuracy, Implementation Accuracy, Target Accuracy, and Environmental Accuracy. The results of the research conclude that the accuracy of the Basic Food Program policy has been implemented well but has not been able to reduce the poverty rate, the accuracy of implementation has been carried out well by the policy implementing agency, however the accuracy of the target has been good but has not been implemented optimally, especially in terms of infrastructure, and environmental accuracy is also lacking. carried out optimally, especially for the external environment.</em></p> Kama Astrid Firdasari, Susi Hardjati Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Tue, 16 Jul 2024 09:54:30 +0700 Identification of Infrastructure and Community Involvement Towards Improving the Quality of Roads in Beakang Padang District, Batam City <p><em>This research aims to identify the condition of road infrastructure, measure the level of community participation in efforts to improve the quality of environmental roads, and evaluate the impact on the aesthetics of the area in Behind Padang District, Batam City. Good infrastructure and active community participation are very important in creating a comfortable and aesthetic environment, which in turn can improve the quality of life and welfare of the community. The research method used is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach, which allows for in-depth data collection through field observations, in-depth interviews and documentation studies. The data obtained was analyzed qualitatively using a data reduction approach, data presentation and drawing conclusions. Field observations show that the physical condition of roads in the Rear Padang District varies greatly. Some main roads are in good condition with smooth asphalt surfaces, but many neighborhood roads are damaged, potholed and poorly maintained. This condition is exacerbated by supporting infrastructure such as drainage channels and street lighting which is still very limited in some areas. This deficiency has a negative impact on the comfort and safety of road users and reduces the aesthetics of the environment. This research found that improving road infrastructure and increasing community participation had a significant impact on the aesthetics of the area. Well-improved roads and well-organized neighborhoods create a more pleasant atmosphere and increase resident satisfaction. Active community participation in infrastructure planning also increases the sense of ownership and responsibility.</em></p> Muda Andrian Oktama, Yuanita FD Sidabutar Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Tue, 16 Jul 2024 10:17:26 +0700 The Influence of Commercial Activities and Tourism Activities on the Development of Public Facilities of the Simpang Barelang Boundar <p><em>This research aims to evaluate the influence of commercial activities and tourism activities on the development of public facilities at the Simpang Barelang Roundabout, a strategic area that connects several areas in the Batam region. The method used in this research is a quantitative method with a descriptive approach. Primary data was collected through surveys involving business actors, tourists and local communities. The survey was designed to identify their needs and perceptions of available public facilities. In addition, secondary data was obtained from local government reports and other related institutions.The analysis results show that commercial activities, which include trade, services and small industry, significantly influence the need for adequate infrastructure. The increase in the number of businesses around the Simpang Barelang roundabout encourages the government to provide facilities such as better roads, street lighting and adequate drainage systems. On the other hand, increasing tourism activities in this area also contribute to the development of public facilities. Tourists who visit, both domestic and international, expect adequate facilities such as a large parking area, tourist information center, cleaning facilities and recreation areas. This research concludes that synergy between commercial and tourism activities is very important in the planning and development of sustainable public facilities.</em></p> Andhika Pradita Fermana, Yuanita FD Sidabutar Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Tue, 16 Jul 2024 10:28:20 +0700 The Influence of the Construction of the Ocarina – Bengkong Bridge on Economic Aspects and Social Aspects In Bengkong District, Batam City <p><em>Infrastructure development has the potential to have an important influence on various aspects of regional development. One important piece of infrastructure is a bridge. This study aims to analyze the influence of the construction of the Ocarina - Bengkong Bridge on economic and social aspects in Bengkong sub-district. This research uses quantitative methods by distributing questionnaires to the community around the Bengkong bridge. In the economic aspect, the research results show that the construction of the bridge has made a positive contribution to economic growth in Bengkong sub-district. The availability of better accessibility between Ocarina and Bengkong has increased population mobility, enabled the growth of the trade sector, and supported the development of the tourism sector in the region. Apart from that, the construction of the bridge also triggers an increase in property values and investment around the area. In the social aspect, bridge construction has brought positive changes in people's lives. Better mobility increases social connectivity between regions, facilitates cultural exchange, and strengthens community integration. Apart from that, increasing accessibility also increases people's access to education and health services. However, this study also identified several challenges and negative influences, such as increased traffic flow which can cause congestion and environmental impacts that need to be managed well and wisely. This research provides important insights for policy makers, related parties and the general public about the importance of infrastructure such as bridges in improving the economic and social welfare of a region.</em></p> Herman Suranta Ginting, Yuanita FD Sidabutar Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale Tue, 16 Jul 2024 10:40:15 +0700