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The research method used is normative legal research. The approaches used are the statutory approach and the comparative approach. The data analysis technique is deductive analysis. After analysis, a conclusion was determined, namely the fulfillment of the elements of intentionality and negligence in the UUPPLH, including first, the element of every person, meaning an individual or business entity, secondly, the element of deliberate or negligence as an element of an environmental offense, related to intention or inner attitude (mens rea). from the perpetrator of the crime. Third, the element of the act is no longer emphasized that the act is against the law (wederrechtelik, unlawful). Fourth, elements resulting in exceeding ambient air quality standards, water quality standards, sea water quality standards, or environmental damage standard criteria. Furthermore, in criminal liability, corporations are legal subjects that can be held responsible for their mistakes, whether intentional or negligent, based on Article 98 and Article 99 of the UUPPLH with the threat of penalties for intentional offenses that are more severe than for offenses of negligence. </em></p> Leonardo Alfero Mella Ismelina F. Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-09 2024-01-09 5 1 1 12 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.990 Internal Communication Management Strategy to Increase Office Administration Effectiveness <p><em>This research discusses Internal Communication Management Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness of Office Administration at PT Hana Kreasi Utama in Jakarta using a combined qualitative and quantitative approach. Using interview, observation and documentation study methods, this research aims to understand the impact of internal communication strategies on the effectiveness of office administration. Involving all PT Hana Kreasi Utama employees, this research obtained in-depth data and statistics to support the analysis. The research results show that the company implements internal communication strategies such as integrated systems, regular meetings, and technology. This strategy positively impacts interdepartmental efficiency and collaboration, speeds up workflow, and increases employee understanding of company goals. Discussion of the research results links the findings to organizational communication theory, highlighting the importance of factors such as message alignment and employee participation. Key factors supporting success involve message alignment, openness, and employee participation. These findings strengthen the relationship between effective internal communication and administrative performance. Practical implications and recommendations are presented to support companies in improving their internal communications management. Comparison with previous research confirms the consistency of the internal communication strategy findings. Nonetheless, contextual differences need to be taken into account, and the practical implications of previous research can help companies improve strategy implementation. This discussion provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of Internal Communication Management Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness of Office Administration at PT Hana Kreasi Utama in Jakarta.</em></p> Agus Yulistiyono Izlan Sentryo Hady Siti Hadijah Ita Musfirowati Hanika Triatmi Sri Widyaningsih Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-17 2024-01-17 5 1 13 20 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.1015 Innovation Diffusion of Digital Application in Supporting Waste Management in Sidoarjo Regency <p><em>Indonesia's waste management capabilities are still weak. The majority of waste is still handled by collecting-transporting-disposing and even many are still not handled. This has caused many landfills to experience over capacity, including those in Sidoarjo Regency. However, the process of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R) waste is also being carried out by the people of Sidoarjo Regency. Waste banks apply these principles and contribute significantly to reducing waste entering the landfill. Therefore, there needs to be an effort to improve the performance of waste banks, for example through training on the use of digital waste bank applications. The process of innovation diffusion is important so that work processes become more efficient and data can be stored properly. However, there are many obstacles in diffusing these innovations. This study aims to examine the diffusion innovation of digital application in supporting waste management in Sidoarjo Regency. Authors adopt qualitative research methods. The result shows that the innovation diffusion process encountered quite a lot of obstacles both from the change agent and from the client, in this case the waste bank administrator. Therefore, the objectives of the innovation diffusion have not been achieved.</em></p> Badrudin Kurniawan Tjitjik Rahaju Tauran Martintje Maria Hukubun Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-23 2024-01-23 5 1 21 28 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.924 Bawaslu's Authority to Resolve Disputes on Elected Candidates Internal to Political Parties in the 2024 Legislative Election <p><em>The open proportional system used in the 2024 Legislative Election with the determination of elected legislative candidates within political parties based on the majority of votes has resulted in disputes over elected candidates within political parties. This research aims to determine the provisions governing procedures for resolving disputes between internal political party candidates and institutions authorized to resolve disputes. The research method used is normative with descriptive analysis looking at Bawaslu's authority in resolving cases based on reports from fellow legislative candidate members within the party. The authority to determine elected candidates as legislative members is in the hands of the KPU/KPUD in stages. Thus, political parties cannot intervene in this authority in any form. The research results found that Bawaslu as the institution responsible for supervising the stages or process of elections as attributed to the Election Law, should be able to handle or resolve disputes between internal legislative candidates of political parties because it is explicitly stated in the academic text of Law no. 7 of 2017 that Bawaslu received and reviewed reports regarding alleged violations of Election Administration Provisions because disputes over elected candidates within political parties were included in the election dispute regime and not the political party dispute regime. The conclusion of this research is that this type of dispute can occur in the election process, especially in the process of determining elected legislative candidates by the KPU, provincial KPU, district/city KPU.</em></p> Salahudin Pakaya Ismet Hadi Irwansyah Reza Mohamad Suslianto Suslianto Sitti Magfirah Makmur Moh. Amin Dali Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-23 2024-01-23 5 1 29 34 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.1045 The Effectiveness of the Regional Regulation Formation Agency in Producing Initiative Regional Regulations <p><em>This research aims to analyze the effectiveness of the Regional Regulation Formation Agency in Producing Initiative Regional Regulations in the DPRD of North Sulawesi. This research uses the theory of Richard M. Steers with measures of effectiveness, namely goal achievement, integration and adaptation. This research used a qualitative descriptive method with 4 informants consisting of the deputy chairman of the DPRD of North Sulawesi, the chairman of BAPEMPERDA (Regional Regulation Establishment Agency), members of BAPEMPERDA, and BAPEMPERDA staff. The results of this research show that the performance of BAPEMPERDA is still not optimal, seen from the lack of effectiveness in making regional regulations, to the point that they do not reach directly to the community. Based on research findings, several things that need to be suggested to the DPRD (Regional People's Representative Council), especially BAPEMPERDA North Sulawesi, are the need for commitment from DPRD members so that a regional regulation can be effective, not only in terms of quality, but can be felt by the constituents, namely the community.</em></p> Deo Jeremy Tulangow Joanne V. Mangindaan Very Y. Londa Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-23 2024-01-23 5 1 35 43 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.1064 Framing Analysis of the Reporting of the Malang Kanjuruhan Tragedy in the Online Media <p><em>This research aims to gain a deeper understanding of how the online media frames the reality related to the riots at the Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang. This research focuses on analyzing the framing, framing and narrative strategies used by in reporting this event. By using content analysis methods, this research seeks to understand the influence and implications of the way this media presents information to the public in the context of the tragedy at the Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang.</em></p> Nur Asma Robiatul Adawiyah Catur Nugroho Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-25 2024-01-25 5 1 44 50 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.996 The Relationship between Characteristics, Attitudes and Community Participation on CSR Program Performance <p><em>Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company's commitment to behaving ethically and contributing to sustainable development. CSR is implemented through collaboration with company stakeholders to improve people's lives. CSR prioritizes balancing the company's financial, social and environmental aspects. This research aims to determine the relationship between attitudes, participation and community characteristics on the performance of the CSR program by PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Fuel Terminal Samarinda. This study uses a quantitative approach. The total number of respondents who will be included in this research is 90 people who are members of the community who participate in the Bank Ramli CSR program by PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Fuel Terminal Samarinda. The Spearman Rank correlation test will be used to measure the relationship between variables such as characteristics, attitudes and community participation on CSR program performance. This research found that community characteristics such as community income and level of knowledge have a significant correlation with CSR program performance, while other characteristics such as gender, age, education, number of family dependents, and employment do not have a significant influence on CSR program performance. Community attitudes in the affective aspect have a significant positive correlation with the company's responsibility towards society. Apart from that, community participation in the aspect of enjoying the program also has a very significant correlation to company profits and the company's responsibility towards the community.</em></p> Celomita Aurelia Nur Aliyas Annisa Wahyuni Arsyad Erwiantono Erwiantono Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-25 2024-01-25 5 1 51 62 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.951 Narrative Policy Analysis: Utilization of Dimethyl Ether as an LPG Mixed Fuel (Case Study in Indonesia) <p><em>Dimethyl Ether (DME) utilization as an LPG fuel mix policy has become a polemic among several groups. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effectiveness of narrative constructed by Government, analyze the counter narrative, and formulate a strategy to strengthen the Government narrative regarding the use of DME as an LPG mixed fuel. This research uses the Narrative Policy Analysis (NPA) method. The counter narrative is compared with Government narrative to obtain a meta narrative. The level of analysis in this research is meso. The conclusions from this research are: 1) Indonesia Government continues to use DME as a mixed fuel for LPG; 2) The obstacles of policy narrative constructed by the Indonesia Government are differences viewpoints regarding the availability and use of coal as raw material for DME and differences in belief system regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The recommended strategy to strengthen the Government’s policy narrative are: 1) Comprehensive discussion by involving groups that oppose the narrative, 2) present the result of the feasibility study on greenhouse gas emmision resulting fro DME production process from coal which has been carried out by the Government by providing socialization regarding tax policy carbon as well as technical implementation of carbon economic value and controlling greenhouse gas emmision.</em></p> Reza Suraputra Bernardus Yuliarto Nugroho Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-26 2024-01-26 5 1 63 73 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.948 Behind the Concept of 'Zero Carbon Emissions' in Indonesia: A Symbolic Construction Analysis <p><em>As one of the world's largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, Indonesia has set a target for zero carbon emissions by 2060. However, these targets and the derived efforts have not been accompanied by adequate understanding among the Indonesian populace. This research aims to comprehend and analyze the concept of zero carbon emissions in Indonesia. Employing a qualitative approach with content analysis methodology, the study discovered that one of the causes for this lack of understanding is the ineffective messaging concerning 'zero carbon emissions' in Indonesia. The symbolic constructs created do not align with the intended messages, in line with the recommendations for effective environmental communication concepts, encompassing aspects such as message types, functions, word choices, genres, relevance, and consistency. This research implies an enhancement in public awareness regarding the concept of zero carbon emissions in Indonesia. The outcomes of this study can also provide insights to the government and environmental organizations to formulate more effective policies in communicating the message of 'zero carbon emissions.' By implementing these recommendations, environmental communication regarding the concept of zero carbon emissions in Indonesia can become more effective, motivating individuals to actively participate in efforts to reduce carbon emissions.</em></p> Karen Kusnadi Siti Nur Ayu Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-26 2024-01-26 5 1 74 83 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.925 Falling Into the Same Hole: Leaving Cigarette, Approaching E-Cigarette <p><em>Effective communication regarding the risks associated with electronic cigarettes is a crucial part of efforts to control their usage, and incorporating elements of fear is an effective method to achieve proper regulation. This research, utilizing content analysis methodology, examined three online news articles from Indonesian news portals:,, and The study aimed to describe how online news conveys the dangers of using electronic cigarettes using the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM). The research method employed was content analysis. EPPM explains how people manage the fear evoked by threat messages. There are two key factors that can explain how individuals respond to fear messages. The first factor is the perception of threat, consisting of the severity and vulnerability to the threat. The second factor is the perception of efficacy, consisting of response efficacy and self-efficacy. The research findings indicate that online news coverage prioritizes the perception of threat. Conversely, the aspect of efficacy perception still needs to be applied in reporting the dangers of electronic cigarettes. These results are also influenced by ethical codes, journalistic principles, and cultural influences.</em></p> Sheila Jessica Claudia Ratu Mega Lola Delvira Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-26 2024-01-26 5 1 84 92 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.926 Legal Consequences for Companies that Carry Out Unilateral Termination of Employment <p><em>The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the Company taking steps to streamline company costs by laying off workers. Many companies experience labor relations disputes, one of which is that the company carries out unilateral termination of employment (PHK) of workers without negotiating with the workers and does not pay attention to the rights of these workers. This research aims to find out and examine the mechanism for resolving industrial relations disputes in Badung Regency as well as knowing and studying the legal consequences for companies that carry out unilateral layoffs of workers with a fixed term work agreement (PKWT) and workers with a fixed term work agreement (PKWTT) in Badung Regency. This research is empirical legal research with a factual approach and a statutory approach. The research results confirm that there are 2 (two) alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for industrial disputes, either through non-litigation channels, namely by bipartite negotiations, mediation, conciliation, arbitration or by litigation, namely through the industrial relations court (PHI). Layoffs can be said to be valid if they have received a decision from the PHI and if without this decision the employer continues to lay off workers in PKWT and PKWTT who received layoffs unilaterally, then the layoffs are not legally valid and are considered null and void. The legal sanction for employers who lay off PKWT workers before their term of employment ends is to fulfill the workers' rights, namely by providing severance pay, gratuity money, compensation money due to the layoff. </em></p> I Gusti Ayu Putu Lingsiani Ayu I Gede Agus Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-01-26 2024-01-26 5 1 93 101 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.949 The Relationship Between Self-Control and Self-Esteem with Narcissistic Behavior in Teenage Tiktok Users <p><em>This research aims to determine the relationship between self-control and self-esteem and narcissistic behavior in adolescent Tiktok users at SMA Negeri 2 Gorontalo City. This research uses a correlational quantitative design with a population of 840 students, a sample size of 90 students using purposive sampling techniques. The data collection method uses a self-control scale, self-esteem scale and narcissistic behavior scale using multiple correlation analysis techniques (Multivariate Correlation) with the SPSS 23.0 for Windows program. Data analysis on the correlation coefficient between self-control variables and narcissistic behavior resulted in a value of R = -0.514 p = 0.000 and the relationship between self-esteem and narcissistic behavior was R = -0.668 p = 0.000. This means, it can be said, there is a significant negative relationship between self-control and narcissistic behavior and there is also a significant negative relationship between self-esteem and narcissistic behavior in teenage TikTok users. Furthermore, the results of multiple correlations to measure the relationship between self-control and self-esteem with narcissistic behavior obtained a value of R = 0.670, R Square 0.449 and p = 0.000 (p &lt; 0.05). This is shows, there is a relationship between self-control and self-esteem and narcissistic behavior in teenage TikTok users at SMA Negeri 2 Gorontalo City.</em></p> Lenny Syamsuddin Salahudin Liputo Regina Saleh Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-07 2024-02-07 5 1 102 109 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.1112 The Influence of the Tam Dimension on Intention to Reuse the Bukalapak Application: Customer Satisfaction as a Mediating Variable <p><em>The purpose of this study is to examine how customer satisfaction mediates the relationship between perceived convenience and usefulness and reuse intention. The investigation was conducted in Bali's Denpasar City. The population of Denpasar City Bukalapak users under investigation is indeterminate, meaning that its exact number cannot be determined. The purposive sampling method, or the process of choosing the sample while taking specific factors into account, is the approach utilized in sample selection. The inferential statistics employed in this study are partial least square (PLS)-based structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis. Perceived convenience and usefulness have a positive and significant influence on customer satisfaction, which in turn has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction, which in turn has a positive and significant effect on intention to reuse, and which partially mediates the influence of perceived usefulness, according to the research findings. and purpose to reuse perceived simplicity of use. Based on the research findings, it can be said that intentions to reuse are higher when perceived utility and convenience are higher. Therefore, client satisfaction increases with perceived utility and convenience. Increased customer satisfaction correlates with higher intention to reuse. Customer happiness rises with perceived usefulness and convenience, which in turn leads to an increase in the desire to reuse. Bukalapak's suggestions include enhancing customer service abilities, offering distinct phases of use till the transaction is completed, and including features that are utilized for its consumers' transaction demands.</em></p> Satya Weda Witawan Putu Yudi Setiawan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-13 2024-02-13 5 1 110 128 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.995 Communication Network of Digital Opinion Movement in the Formation of Personal Data Protection Regulation <p><em>The rise of data theft in the digital space has prompted the public to call for regulations regarding data security to be implemented immediately. Opinions in the form of requests for the passing of the Personal Data Protection Law (UUPDP) via social media Twitter have become very widely discussed. UUPDP is a regulation related to personal data protection to fill the regulatory void in the digital space. The keyword UUPDP became a topic of conversation on Twitter when the UUPDP personal data protection law was passed by the government and the DPR. The aim of this research is to map the Digital Opinion Movement through communication networks and identify influential actors in communication networks using the keyword UUPDP on Twitter. This research uses the Social Media Network Analysis (SMNA) method. The theory used to answer this case is the Digital Movement of Opinion/DMO theory and communication network theory. information collected via Twitter from 11 September 2022 – 21 September 2022. Stages in analyzing and retrieving data using the website based application and Gephi software. The use of this tool is used to map influential actors involved in the communication network using UUPDP keywords, next to measure centrality using the indicators of degree centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness centrality and eigenvector centrality. The results of the research are 2 (two) main actors who influence the movement of digital opinion in communication networks with the keyword UUPDP, namely @franken_blues and @hunterjagar3.</em></p> Akhmad Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-13 2024-02-13 5 1 129 140 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.957 Trust Building in the Collaborative Governance Process of Implementing Village Fund Policy: Case Study of Tanah Abang Selatan Village, Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency <p><em>Trust building is a component of collaborative governance that involves face-to-face interaction, dedication to the process, mutual understanding, and short-term achievements. This study examines and outlines the various aspects of establishing confidence in the execution of village finance policies, based on the viewpoint of the Collaborative Governance Process theory. The study was carried out at Tanah Abang Selatan Village, which has been allocated village finances since 2015. Empirical evidence demonstrates that the trust actors place in the collaborative governance process can be beneficial in facilitating the achievement of actor support, cooperation, commitment, and successful policy implementation. Nevertheless, the existing literature on collaborative governance indicates a scarcity of studies on establishing trust in policy execution, particularly in the context of implementing village fund regulations. The findings of this study demonstrate that the establishment of trust among participants in the Collaborative Governance process significantly enhances the efficacy of implementing the village fund policy in Tanah Abang Selatan Village, Tanah Abang District, Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency (PALI).</em></p> Suandi Suandi Yuliana Yuliana Susi Lawati Amir Mahmud Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-15 2024-02-15 5 1 141 149 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.967 Language Teaching Materials for Writing Advertising Texts <p><em>This study is based on extensive library research, utilizing a wide range of information and resources from various sources. Having the right instructional materials is crucial for the successful completion of any academic program, including Indonesian language classes. Junior high school Indonesian language classes in Class VIII explore a range of subjects, one of which is the art of crafting advertisement copy. To achieve optimal outcomes, it is crucial to utilize appropriate instructional resources while acquiring proficiency in the Indonesian language for advertising purposes.&nbsp; This research aimed to provide a comprehensive description of the different types of advertisements that can be utilized as teaching materials in Indonesian language courses, along with an exploration of the diverse concepts associated with these materials.</em></p> Muhamad Faisal Assyuza Muftahulkhairah Anwar Gusti Yarmi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-16 2024-02-16 5 1 150 155 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.1001 Analysis of Biogas Assistance Program in Dairy Farm Development <p><em>Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate social responsibility towards the community and environment around the company. The biogas assistance program is one of PJT II's CSR programs in order to accelerate the handling of damage to the Citarum river watershed (DAS) and for the purpose of empowering the community, especially dairy farmers who come from members of the KPBS Pangalengan dairy farmer group. The aim of this research is to determine the mechanism for implementing the biogas assistance program as part of CSR activities and to analyze the benefits of implementing the biogas assistance program in developing the sustainability of dairy farming businesses. This research was conducted in November – December 2023. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach using the case study method. Primary data was obtained through in-depth interviews with informants selected purposively from twenty-one people consisting of the company, participants receiving assistance and implementing parties. The results of the research show that the implementation of the biogas assistance program has been implemented through a process planning, organizing, actuating, controlling (POAC) in the program mechanism, apart from that, the analysis of the program's objectives is to reduce pollution and damage to the Citarum watershed as a result of breeder activities and provide opportunities to increase income independently and sustainably and is an effort to increase breeder awareness to better protect the surrounding environment so that it can speed up the handling of damage to river watersheds that is currently occurring.</em></p> Dila Ananda Syabillah Mochamad Ali Mauldin Marina Sulistyati Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Sociale 2024-02-23 2024-02-23 5 1 156 173 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v5i1.986