Review on Region-Based Segmentation Using Watershed and Region Growing Techniques and their Applications in Different Fields

  • Noor khalid Computer science department-collage of science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Segmentation process, Watershed, Region growing, Seeded Region Growing, Unseeded Region Growing


In digital image processing and computer vision, segmentation operation for an image refers to dividing an image into multiple image segments, and the significant purpose of segmentation operation is to depict an image in a way so that the analysis process of the objects of interest is easier and more accurate. The region-based segmentation scheme act for finding similarities between adjacent pixels to detect each region that constructs the image. Similarity scales have based on different features, in a grayscale image, the scale may be referred to as textures and other spatial appearances, and also the variance in intensity of a region and so on. Significantly, many applications in different fields involved region-based segmentation for instance remote sensing, medical application, and others for recognizing interesting objects in an image. In this paper, two techniques for segmentation operation in region-based which are region growing and watershed are reviewed.


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