The Applications based on Video Motion Magnification Techniques

  • khalida Amed Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq
  • Abdul-Wahab Sami lbrahim Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq
  • Asmaa Sadiq Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq
Keywords: Motion Magnification Techniques, Euler Video Magnification (EVM) Method, Dynamic Video Motion Magnification (DVMAG)


This research study's major goal is to present an important overview of recent work on applications based on Video Motion magnification  (VMM) approaches during the course of the last 10 years. Over the past few years, video motion magnification (VMM) technologies have attracted a lot of attention and research, particularly as applications based on video motion have become more and more necessary. With an increase in the number of recommended procedures, surveying and evaluation become necessary. In this study, we will highlight how the survey was focused on several articles that used motion video augmentation techniques in their applications. We contrast these applications as well.


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