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The main indicator of the standard of a health facility and is a measure of the quality of service, low customer satisfaction will have an impact on the number of visits that will affect the profitability of health facilities. This study aims to determine the effect of quality and the dominant variables that affect service on patient satisfaction at the Haji-Medan Hospital in 2020. The quantitative research was conducted through an analytical survey research approach with a cross sectional study approach. Testing through logistic regression on the independent variables, namely; Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangible from the respondents' questionnaire data as many as 80 samples. The results showed that service quality had a significant effect on patient satisfaction from four variables, namely; reliability p value 0.020 (p &lt; 0.05), responsiveness p value 0.038 (p &lt; 0.05), empathy p value 0.000 (p &lt; 0.05), p value tangible 0.001 (p &lt; 0.05). Assurance variable, the quality of health services has no effect on patient satisfaction with a p value of 0.332 (p&gt; 0.05). The dominant variable affecting patient satisfaction is the empathy variable. It is recommended to improve services from the aspect of assurance in order to increase patient confidence in getting services so that patients can feel satisfied with the services provided.</em></p> Nidya Andani, Mappeaty Nyorong, Asriwati Amirah Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Medihealtico Mon, 28 Jun 2021 15:05:17 +0700 Sexual Behaviour Change on Youth in Digitalized World <p>This article discusses the characteristics of adolescents and the influence of social media on adolescent sexual behavior. The millennial generation's communication style is also extremely open in comparison to earlier generations, in terms of obsessive use of social media, and every aspect of life is heavily affected by technology advancements and places a premium on money. Sexual harassment on the Internet is harassment that comes to light via a large yet ineffective reporting and management process. Sexual harassment on social media is becoming an increasingly public issue, according to a new study by Google Form. The study gathered information from 104 respondents with birth years ranging from 1980 to 2000 who engaged in a poll</p> Rey Quincy, Kammuraed Manduza Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Medihealtico Mon, 28 Jun 2021 15:20:59 +0700 Analysis of the Effect of Social Media on Teenage Premarital Sex at SMAN 8 in Jambi City <p>In the era of globalization, the dissemination of information is done quickly and easily. The development of technology is the background of this condition. This study aims to determine the effect of social media on adolescent premarital sex in SMA Negeri 8 Jambi City. This design is a qualitative research with a phenomenological approach. Data collection methods of observation, interviews, and documentation. The key informants of the research were 2 students and 1 BK teacher with supporting informants from parents, friends outside of school, school friends and informants' boyfriends and continued in a synergistic comprehensive manner involving stakeholders and grassroots. The results of in-depth interviews found that the condition of teenagers at SMA Negeri 8 Jambi City was well behaved, students' media exposure using social media such as whatsapp, instagram, youtube via cellphone for daily activities in doing school assignments, students acknowledged a change in behavior after using social media and towards premarital sex teenagers consider holding hands with the opposite sex is normal. Social media conclusions have an influence on them by imitating what they see that changes their behavior and way of thinking in carrying out their roles as teenagers. It is recommended that the school improve supervision of students in the use of cellphones during school hours, and Adolescent Reproductive Health and Information communication officers increase the intensity of visits to schools to disseminate wisdom in the use of social media</p> Lia Permata Sari, Fatma Sylvana Dewi, Endang Maryanti Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Medihealtico Mon, 28 Jun 2021 15:25:35 +0700