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The total number of individuals included in this research was 2235. This population was sampled using either non-probability sampling or selective sampling, neither of which is based on probability. One hundred different individuals were going to be used as subjects for the research. Univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses, in addition to the Chi square test, were utilized in order to analyze the data.According to the findings of the study, the p-value for the advocacy variable was found to be 0.000, while the values for the collaboration and communication variables were 0.001 and 0.002, respectively. This indicates that there is a connection between advocacy, teamwork, communication, and mentorship and the protection of gastroenteritis. The findings of the multivariate analysis revealed that the mentorship variable, which had an OR value of 35,174, was the most important factor in determining the outcomes of this research.Although there is a correlation between advocating, teamwork, communication, and mentorship and the protection of gastroenteritis, the findings of a multivariate analysis indicate that mentoring is the most important component. </em></p> Ahmad Jumadin Usman Ismail Efendy Asriwati Amirah Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-05-10 2023-05-10 4 1 1 8 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.779 Surgical Management of Severe Abdominal Trauma Patients in the Surgical Department of the Toamasina CHU, Madagascar <p><em>Severe abdominal trauma represents an absolute surgical emergency. The objective of our study is to report the surgical management of severe abdominal trauma in a low-resource center. This was a 31-month observational study from January 2018 to August 2020. We have 44 cases of severe abdominal trauma. The sex ratio was 4.5. The mean age of patients with severe abdominal trauma was 31.43182 years. A penetrating wound to the abdomen was seen in 68.18%. The circumstance of the trauma was a liability accident in 70.45%. A shortened laparotomy was performed. The mean duration of the operation was 45.63636 minutes. No perioperative death was reported during the performance of the shortened laparotomy. Controlling emergency surgery improves the vital prognosis of polytrauma patients.</em></p> Razafindraibe Vanona Barijaona Rasataharifetra Hanta Jonatana Arthur Daniel Samison Luc Herve Rakotoarijaona Armand Heriniriana Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-05-10 2023-05-10 4 1 9 13 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.771 Overview of Knowledge of Pregnant Women About the Dangers of Covid-19 During Pregnancy <p><em>Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a disease that attacks the respiratory tract, and one of the groups vulnerable to exposure to the virus is pregnant women due to physiological changes in pregnant women.&nbsp; Case studies conducted with a qualitative method are descriptive, the population used is pregnant women who are less knowledgeable about the dangers of Covid-19 during pregnancy in the form of purposive sampling.&nbsp; The data taken are primary data and calculations of questionnaire results using the guttman scale.&nbsp; Based on a case study that has been carried out on 2 respondents who are in accordance with the inclusion criteria in knowing the Picture of Knowledge of Pregnant Women about the danger signs of Covid-19 during Pregnancy in the Maccini Sawah Puakesmas Work Area which was carried out for 4 days, the case study obtained by the level of knowledge of pregnant women was categorized as good with a value of 95%-100% after being given knowledge with education.&nbsp; The Level of Knowledge of Pregnant Women Regarding the Danger Signs of Covid-19 during Pregnancy is greatly influenced by the level of knowledge and the environment, the lack of information also greatly affects the level of knowledge of pregnant women about the Dangers of Covid-19 during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to understand and know the dangers of Covid-19 to pregnancy, so it is very necessary to increase knowledge to avoid the risk of being infected with Covid-19.</em></p> Ainun N N Magdalena Limbong Erna Kasim Nurhayati Nurhayati Ricky Zainuddin Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-05-10 2023-05-10 4 1 14 19 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.760 Duration of Contact on Pulmonary Tb Transmission: Case Study - Control <p><em>The Ambon City Health Office, through the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, pointed out that the number of new TB cases in Ambon City in the last three years has tended to increase, where in 2020 the number of cases was 716, in 2021 there were 961 and in 2022 there were 1,296 sufferers. with the number of deaths of 32 people in 2020, in 2022 and 2023 each of 23 people. This study used an analytic observational study with a case control study design, designed to determine the risk and the effect of exposure duration on pulmonary TB transmission with a total sample of 72, bivariate analysis using the chi square test and calculating the odds ratio (OR). multivariate analysis using binary logistic regression test. The results of the study found that close contact is a risk factor for TB transmission with OR = 4.857; contact time is a risk factor for TB transmission with OR = 6.143; and length of contact are risk factors for TB transmission with OR = 5.857. The binary logistic regression equation shows that someone who lives in the same house with a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis, exposure time &gt; 8 hours/day and contact duration &gt; 6 months, has a probability of suffering from pulmonary TB by 30% compared to someone without risk factors. In conclusion, the closeness of contact, contact time and duration of contact are risk factors for pulmonary TB transmission.</em></p> Bellytra Talarima Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-05-26 2023-05-26 4 1 20 28 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.793 Factors Influencing the Prevention of Hypertension in the Working Area of Martubung Health Center, Medan Labuhan District <p><em>The objective of the study was to identify the factors that influence the prevention of hypertension in the Martubung Public Health Center's service area in the Labuhan District of Medan.The research design employed a quantitative method that was implemented through an analytical survey employing the Cross Sectional Study methodology. The cohort of this research consisted of hypertensive patients who visited as many as 712 patients. With the technique of Accidental Sampling, 88 respondents comprised the sample. The analysis of data employed univariate, bivariate, and multivariate methods.Knowledge p = 0.000, attitude p = 0.000, culture p = 0.008, diet p = 0.000, physical activity p = 0.000, and the role of health workers p = 0.001 were found to have an effect on hypertension prevention at the Martubung Public Health Center in the Medan Labuhan District. While knowledge is the most influential factor, p = 0.001 with 95% CI = 5.663-201,428 and Exp(B) = 104,118.This study concludes that knowledge, attitude, culture, diet, physical activity, and the function of health employees influence the prevention of hypertension at the Martubung Public Health Center in the Labuhan District of Medan. It is recommended that the Martbung Health Center optimize the counseling and dissemination of health information related to health promotion, general and special protection, and regular health checks in accordance with the program currently being implemented by the government, so that the community can actively participate in realizing healthy behavior, including the management of noncommunicable diseases.</em></p> Wagini Wagini Ismail Efendy Endang Maryanti Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-05-31 2023-05-31 4 1 29 41 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.789 Analysis of Service Quality in Pharmaceutical Installations on Outpatient Patient Satisfaction <p><em>Pharmaceutical services are direct and responsible services to patients relating to pharmaceutical preparations with the aim of achieving definite results to improve the quality of life of patients. The purpose of this study was to analyze the quality of service in the Pharmacy Installation on the satisfaction of outpatients in the Kabanjahe Regional General Hospital. Research conducted is quantitative with cross sectional approach. The study population was all outpatients in the Pharmacy Installation of the Kabanjahe District General Hospital, amounting to 13,359 in November 2018-January 2019. Samples taken were 87 people, obtained using proportional sampling techniques. Data obtained by interview and observation using a questionnaire, analyzed by Multiple Logistic Regression Test at α = 0.05. The results of the multiple logistic statistical tests show that there is a significant influence of the reliability variable (p = 0.023), concern (p = 0.032), direct evidence (p = 0.016) on patient satisfaction. Concern variable gave the greatest influence on patient satisfaction in the Outpatient Pharmacy of the Kabanjahe Regional General Hospital with (Exp value (B) of 146,434). The conclusion of this study is that there is a significant influence on reliability, care and direct evidence on patient satisfaction. It is recommended to the management of the Kabanjahe Regional General Hospital to provide punishment for officers who have not been optimal in providing services and to increase the reliability, care, and direct evidence of officers to improve patient satisfaction.</em></p> Jingkat Tarigan Thomson P Nadapdap Darwin Syamsul Andini Mentari Tarigan Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Medihealtico 2023-08-14 2023-08-14 4 1 42 55 10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v4i1.820