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Please check the following list for new LoAs:

1. Teuku Yan W. M. Iskandarsyah, Dwi Suyandi Pasa Wijaya, Boy Yoseph  (Groundwater Potential of The East and North Sides of Gunungmasigit Village (Case Study: PPSDM Geominerba Kesdm Field Campus)

2. Tri Joko Santoso (Optimization of PCR Analysis Based on Start Codon Targeted Markers (SCoT Markers) for Identification of Genetic Variation of Seaweed from Central Sulawesi)

3. Namirah Nurjiranah Azizah (Testing The Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Manila Sauce Leaves (Manilkara Zapota L) Against Bacteria Escherichia Coli: in Vitro Study

4. Rita Hayati (Testing Alternative Hydroponic Nutrition of Wick System on Vegetable Growth Planted in Limited Land)

5. Prastuti Dwi Hartini (The Success Rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Using Assisted Hatching (AH) Laser and Tyrode Acid Chemical Methods on Day 3 and D5 Embryos)

6. Hiba Aeiad Husham (Study of some immunologic parameters in aborted women infected with Toxoplasma gondii)

7. Hasanain A.J. Gharban (Article Review: Skin Diseases in Dromedary Camels)

8. Haidar Jabbar Kareem (Assess The Opinions of Nurses in Hospitals in The Al-Diwaniah Governorate on
The Most Common Drug Errors And The Factors that Lead To Them)

9. Ali A. Shatti (Serological detection of Toxoplasma gondii in animals and human in Baghdad province, Iraq)

10. Amer Abdullah Hussein Al-Jubouri (Role of plant density on vegetative growth and yield of four faba bean cultivars (Vicia faba L .) 

11. Khaled Mustafa Ali Al-Sharabi (Role of NPK fertilizer and planting dates on the vegetative and flowering growth attributes of two varieties of Snake melon)

12. Ghasik Aqeele (Traditional Detection of Intestinal Helminths in Stray Cats in Wasit Province, Iraq)

13. Lenny Widjayanthi (Learning from Community Practices: Social Capital of Farming Communities In
Supporting Sustainable Agriculture)

14. Muhamad Casroni (Implementation of Millennial Farmer Development Policy in Bogor Regency)

15. Hasanain A.J. Gharban (Physiological Impact of Nicotine on Rats)

16. All Free Shella (Tourist-Based Waste Management with Deposit Refund Implementation in Manggar Beach Area, Balikpapan Indonesia)

17. Rizky Wanda Prastika (Antibacterial Activity of Seligi Leaf Extracts and Fractions (Phyllanthus Buxifolius Muell. Arg) Against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria and Their Bioautography)

If it is not on the list above, it means it has already been published. Please check below: