Journal La Edusci 2024-02-18T05:43:02+07:00 Dr. Erwin Akib Open Journal Systems <p>International <strong>Journal La</strong><strong> Edusci</strong> ISSN 2721-1258 (Online) and ISSN 2721-0979 (Print) includes all the areas of research activities in all fields of Education such as Teacher education, Population education, Vocational education, Value education, Psychological education, Educational counseling, Educational technology, Management education, Women education, Educational management, Education theory, Educational experiences, Special education, School curriculum, Curriculum theory, Academic disciplines, Moral education, Philosophy of education, University systems, E learning, Library and etymology, Board of education, Textbook, Collaborative learning, College, Comparative education, Compulsory education, Continuing education, Curriculum, Department of Education,&nbsp; Developmental Education, Educational technology, Educational animation, Educational philosophies, Educational psychology, Free education, Glossary of education, Grade (education), Homework, Humanistic education, CSPE (Civil, Social, and Political Education), Instructional technology, Language education, Learning, Learning community, Library, Life skills, Lifelong education, List of educators, ethical education, Online learning community.</p> Development of Professional Teacher Competencies in the Contract of Subject Teacher Development in Manado City 2024-01-16T05:28:27+07:00 Christin Natalia Takalao Maxi M. Egeten Grace J. Waleleng <p><em><span lang="IN">To be able to achieve quality education, professional teachers are needed. Subject Teacher Conference (MGMP) is one forum that can help improve teacher professionalism. This research aims to find out and analyze how Professional Teacher Competency Development is carried out in the Subject Teacher Deliberation Forum (MGMP) in Manado City. A qualitative approach was used in this research. Subject Teachers' Conference (MGMP) in Manado City as a forum for improving aspects of knowledge, pedagogy and professionalism of junior high school teachers in Manado City. By participating in MGMP activities and programs, teachers have better mastery of the material, mastering standards and competencies, learning theories and learning principles as well as the curriculum of the subjects taught. Activities in the Subject Teacher Deliberation Forum (MGMP) in Manado City must continue to be carried out routinely and sustainably. This research recommends that junior high school teachers must be committed to diligently participating in the activities or programs being implemented, because there are still teachers who do not regularly participate in activities because of their busy schedules. The management encourages its members to actively participate in MGMP activities and programs. Teachers who are not yet very adept at using technology in the learning process must continue to be accompanied and given training and allocated sufficient funds for sustainable implementation of the MGMP.</span></em></p> 2024-01-15T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Improving Science Learning Outcomes through a 5M Based Scientific Approach for Class IV Students at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Imam Syafi'i Gorontalo 2024-01-17T05:28:41+07:00 Sri Jian Kulati Abd Hamid Isa Yulanti S Mooduto <p><em>This research aims to improve science lesrning outcomes trhough a scientific approach by applying the 5Ms, namely (Observe, Ask, Try, Reason and Communivate). The approach used show that 5m based learning has been implementated in science learning using a scientifi approach with the activities of observing, acking, trying, reasoning and comunacating.</em></p> 2024-01-16T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Analysis of the Importance of Mastering English for Waiters at Several Restaurants in Ubud Bali 2024-01-30T05:31:39+07:00 Pastini Ni Wayan Luh Nyoman Tri Lilasari I Wayan Muliana Nyoman Reni Ariasri <p><em>This research aims to find out and examine the use of types of grammatical errors in the sentences used by waiters in serving consumers when serving food and drinks in several restaurants in Ubud, Gianyar. This research uses a qualitative research approach. The population of this research focuses on waiters in several restaurants in the Ubud Gianyar area, Bali. The results of the research show that the use of English grammar in using English sentences by waiters and waiters in communicating with guests at several restaurants in Ubud Gianyar can be concluded that their mastery of English is very weak in using words such as Miss. Mrs. Ms, Mrs. Sir, Sir, they have no understanding of those words. Of the four classifications, the most common errors are omission classification errors and replacement classification errors. Of the four classifications of addition errors, only 2 sentences were found, the classification of omission errors found 38 deletion errors (9 noun deletion errors, 16 to be errors, 6 article deletion errors, 3 pronoun deletion errors and 4-word deletion errors. auxiliary work). Meanwhile, the classification of substitution errors is less than that of omission errors, namely there are only 12 errors (2 subject-predicate substitution errors. 2 pronoun form errors, 7-word usage errors and 1 preposition substitution error.</em></p> 2024-01-29T11:35:09+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci The Influence of Whatsapp Social Media, Parental Supervision, and Youth and Adolescent Lifestyles on Drug and Addictive Substance Use in Manado City 2024-02-16T05:41:33+07:00 Debby D.V. Kawengian Edmon Royan Kalesaran <p><em>The problem of drug use is one of the problems often experienced by young people and adolescents. In fact, if you see the potential of the younger generation is the hope of the Nation, because youth and adolescents are the successors of the ideals and struggles of the Nation. This study aims to: 1). Want to know the influence between WhatSapp social media on the use of Drugs and Addictive Substances in Manado City, 2). Want to know the Influence between Parental Supervision on the use of Drugs and Addictive Substances in Manado City, 3). Want to know the Influence between Youth and Adolescent Lifestyles on the use of Drugs and Addictive Substances in Manado City, 4). Want to know the influence between WhatSapp Social Media Use, supervision of people and lifestyles of youth and adolescents against the use of drugs and addictive substances in Manado City. The method used in this study is a quantitative method while the data analysis technique is carried out with the help of SPSS 26 of 2023. From the results of this study proves that: 1). There is a significant influence between the use of WhattShapp social media with the use of Drugs and Addictive Substances. 2). There is a significant effect between parental supervision and drug use and addictive substances, 3). There is a significant influence between lifestyle and drug use and addictive substances, 4). Together, there is an influence between WhattShapp Social Media Use, parental supervision and lifestyle on Drug and Addictive Substance Use.</em></p> 2024-02-15T13:37:24+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Teaching Strategies and How to Study Islamic Religious Education Teaching Materials 2024-02-18T05:43:02+07:00 Tri Susanto A. Madanun Kasim Yahiji Syafruddin Ondeng Muh Arif <p><em>The purpose of this research is to provide clarification regarding productive ways to study PAI course content by investigating different teaching styles. This study will employ a qualitative research technique. Research methodologies utilized in this study included investigating current events in their natural environments, especially in cases where the boundaries between the events and their surroundings were blurry. Data reduction, data display, and withdrawal are three essential steps in the data analysis process. To sum up. With the hope that PAI educators would be better equipped to create their own curricular materials in the future, this session will concentrate on the steps involved in making a lesson plan. The use of educator-created resources can boost educators' self-assurance when leading learning activities. As a result, they are more equipped to teach their students the skills and information necessary to develop science and technology in the classroom. The success of the pupils' learning is dependent on how well the learning activities have been going. Analysis, design, development, assessment, and revision are the five main stages in the process of making educational materials.</em></p> 2024-02-17T22:16:08+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Curriculum Development for Islamic Cultural History Subjects 2024-02-18T05:42:36+07:00 Friska Mokoagow Kasim Yahiji Syafruddin Ondeng Muh Arif <p><em>This article examines three questions: How is the development of the SKI curriculum of KMA No. 183 Madrasah 2019, How is the Implementation of SKI subject curriculum development based on KMA No. 184 of 2019 in Madrasah and how are the results of the development and implementation of SKI subjects KMA No. 183 and 184 MTs Ma'Arif NU in 2019 in Toruakat. This research is a type of qualitative research that uses observation, observation, and documentation. Primary and secondary data are the data sources used in the research. Reduction, submission, and verification are the data collection methods used. The results show that real activities or other activities involved in the learning process, such as practical exercises, are a real form of how the curriculum can be applied. This is in line with the statement of the principal of MTs Ma'Arif NU Toruakat, which is located in the Bolaang Mongondow region, especially Dumoga or Toruakat. The purpose of the development and implementation of the 2019 PAI curriculum and KMA Arabic No. 183 is to gradually train students to understand the principles of Islam relating to aqidah morals, sharia, and the development of Islamic culture, so that students can fulfill their religious obligations properly whether to Allah SWT, humans, or the universe. The Madrasah Curriculum Implementation Guidelines, stipulated in KMA 184, were issued in 2019 with the aim of encouraging and establishing rules for innovation in the implementation of the madrasah curriculum and providing a legal umbrella to develop the uniqueness of madrasahs, strengthen character, fight educational corruption, and develop religious moderation in madrasahs.</em></p> 2024-02-17T23:10:40+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Curriculum Development for Al-Qur'an Hadith Subjects in Islamic School 2024-02-18T05:42:15+07:00 Kiman Dama Kasim Yahiji Syarifuddin Ondeng Muh Arif <p><em>This research is a type of field qualitative research and uses descriptive analysis methods. The data obtained from this research are KMA documents, interviews, and excerpts from various relevant literary sources, especially those related to the issues raised. The data collection technique is in the form of literature review which is carried out in the following way: reading various literature and providing assistance with quotations related to Al-Qur'an Hadith Subject Curriculum Development in Madrasas Based on KMA no 183 and 184. Analysis and description are analysis techniques used on data related to Al-Qur'an Subject Curriculum Development an Hadith at the madrasa. This study aims to provide an explanation regarding the Development of the Al-Qur'an Hadith Subject Curriculum at m. Decree of the Minister of Religion (KMA) number 183 concerning Islamic and Arabic religious education curricula and KMA number 184 of 2019 concerning guidelines for implementing curriculum in madrasas to improve and become a legal umbrella in developing the distinctiveness of madrasas, developing character strengthening, anti-corruption education and developing religious moderation at the madrasah.</em></p> 2024-02-17T23:23:40+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci Curriculum Development for Aqidah Moral Subjects in Madrasas 2024-02-18T05:41:53+07:00 Zulkifli T. Pawelay Kasim Yahiji Syafruddin Ondeng Muh Arif <p><em>The curriculum is a crucial element in enhancing the quality of education. The curriculum is a cohesive structure consisting of interconnected components that mutually reinforce one other. The curriculum comprises objectives, instructional materials, procedures, and evaluation. Within this system, the curriculum will progress towards an educational objective by collaborative efforts among all of its sub-systems. In the event that one of the curriculum variables malfunctions, the curriculum system will operate at a suboptimal level. Furthermore, the execution of the curriculum necessitated meticulous planning and organization of all its components. Curriculum development aligns the existing curriculum with desired educational objectives, drawing from external and internal influences, in order to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the future. The purpose of this study is to explain the process of developing the curriculum for the Aqidah Akhlak subject, as outlined in the Minister of Religion's Decree (KMA) number 183. This decree pertains to the curriculum for Islamic religious education and Arabic, while KMA number 184 of 2019 provides guidelines for curriculum implementation in madrasas. The aim is to create an innovative curriculum that is legally supported and serves as a framework for development. The features of madrasas include the cultivation of character, the promotion of moral fortitude, the provision of anti-corruption instruction, and the fostering of religious moderation.</em></p> 2024-02-17T23:34:57+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal La Edusci