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This research employs a descriptive technique and a qualitative method. Techniques for data gathering include observation, interviewing, and documenting. The aim of this research is to conduct an empirical examination of the execution of strategies and supporting and inhibiting variables in crisis communication in public relations. The findings of this research suggest that a crisis communication plan should be suitable and swift in order to overcome public reaction and avoid a protracted crisis communication. Communication in Times of Crisis Pre-Crisis management is carried out by Public Relations, namely in the preparation (Planning) stage, which includes the establishment of a Public Relations team responsible for providing information, a clean-up and executive summery formation team, and Crisis-Response, namely the manufacturing stage. Press releases, clarifications, establishing stakeholder and media relations, and finally, Post-Crisis, namely the advancement of Public Relations not only to improve the company's image but also to improve performance, press conferences, and dissemination of publications are also implemented to improve things in the short and long term through programs</p> Liyana Ansharah Zimal Attaf Awamiri Aysar Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Sociale 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 2 3 1 8 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v2i3.388 Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Program on Community Welfare <p>The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact of the execution of the Corporate Social Responsibility program on the welfare of the local community. This research technique is descriptive qualitative, and it makes use of both primary and secondary data. The findings of this research show that the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for the benefit of the community has not been successful, which is supported by a number of impediments to the success of these programs</p> Khenu Lather Munnopule Khlise Mashue Kinneth Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Sociale 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 2 3 9 15 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v2i3.402 Public-Private Partnerships for Elder Empowerment through Economic Productivity <p>Social Service and the Social Welfare Institution&nbsp; have a mutualistic partnership model. There are still a significant number of old individuals whose UDB IDs (unified database identifiers) have not been registered, according to Social Service and the Social Welfare Institution. Production Economic Enterprises (PEEs) is a program of the Social Service aimed at empowering communities. The Social Service and the Elderly Social Welfare Institution share responsibility for empowering communities. It is important to provide favorable conditions and an attractive environment for the elderly both inside the family and across the community as a way of demonstrating care for them. Using a productive economic business program, the social welfare institution establishes an activity group that enables the elderly to be more productive while still being able to make crafts in accordance with their abilities, thereby relieving the elderly of their burden on other communities, their families, and the government. It is being attempted to empower the elderly by developing profitable economic entrepreneurial activities in order for them to be self-sufficient. As one of the recreational activities, this lucrative economic business activity is carried out alongside other income-generating recreational activities to create a successful economic business enterprise</p> Pham Hoang Cheng Ho Lang Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Sociale 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 2 3 16 21 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v2i3.384 Preliminary Analysis of the Effectiveness of Handing Criminal Acts by Children Under the Age <p>The issue of drug addiction and illegal trafficking continues to plague nations across the globe. Between 153 and 300 million individuals, or 3.4 to 6.6 percent of the world's drug abusers aged 15 to 64 years, having used drugs at least once a year, with almost 12% (15.5 to 38.6 million people) of users being heavy addicts. Initially created for medicinal reasons (therapy), opioids became a political target for those seeking profit by introducing harmful addictive chemicals. Addition of hazardous addictive drugs may precipitate a person's hallucinations and addictions, wreaking havoc on the neurological system and organs of the body and ultimately resulting in death. The risks of drug addiction have prompted many nations to implement laws aimed at protecting citizens and prohibiting drug trafficking. This restriction eventually spawned illegal commerce and the growth of global marketplaces</p> Antonio Daniguelo Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Sociale 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 2 3 22 26 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v2i3.387 Protection Services' Efficacy in Controlling Violence against Children <p>Child protection system is a planning, implementation, evaluation, and accountability unit. Since children are the nation's future generation, it is appropriate for a smart country to constantly attempt to safeguard its young generation from all possible dangers. A service van for women and children may help settle instances of child abuse. The Integrated Service Center for the Protection of Women and Children in Wajo Regency should devote more attention to child abuse via coaching, mentoring, and child protection. It is hoped that this will improve the safety of all children</p> Roes Peter pomar Copyright (c) 2021 Journal La Sociale 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 2 3 27 31 10.37899/journal-la-sociale.v2i3.385