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But African countries produce and consume the lowest amount of electricity in the world. This has led to the present incessant, unstable and unreliable power supply system in African Countries which has grounded many activities and has destroyed many industrial processes. This has also increased unemployment rate and increased crime rates in the continents. In order to satisfy the high energy demand in the residential and industrial environments in this continent, and provide solution to these problems, electrical energy should be reliable, affordable, effective, and sustainable.</em></p> Ola Austin Oshin Engr Olla Moses Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Multiapp 2022-11-14 2022-11-14 3 5 207 223 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v3i5.675 New Approach of Estimating Sarcasm Based on the Percentage of Happiness of Facial Expression Using Fuzzy Inference System <p><em>The procedure of determining whether micro expressions are present is accorded a high priority in the majority of settings. This is due to the fact that despite the best attempts of the person, these expressions will always expose the genuine sentiments that are buried under the surface. The purpose of this study is to provide a novel approach to the problem of measuring sarcasm by using a fuzzy inference system. The method involves analysing a person's facial expressions to evaluate the degree to which they are taking pleasure in something. It is feasible to distinguish five separate areas of a person's face, and precise active distances may be determined from the outline points of each of these regions. This category includes the brows on both sides of the face, as well as the eyes and lips. In order to arrive at a representation of an individual's degree of happiness while working within the parameters of the fuzzy inference system that has been provided, membership functions are first applied to computed distances. After that, the findings from the membership functions are put to use in yet another membership function so that an estimate of the sarcasm percentage may be derived from them. The suggested method is validated by using photos of human faces taken from the SMIC, SAMM, and CAS(ME) 2 datasets, which are the industry standards. This helps to guarantee that the method is effective.</em></p> Louloua Alsaedi Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Multiapp 2022-11-14 2022-11-14 3 5 224 234 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v3i5.700 A Osseointegration in Rabbit Model Using PEEK Coated by HA: Comparative Study for Histological and X-ray <p><em>Biocompatible implants are often proposed to improve osseointegration such as metal, polymer, and ceramic to increase bone growth. This study aimed to create a new interface to enhance osseointegration. This interface is between the polymeric part and bone tissue. In this work coat PEEK (polyether ether ketone) plastic material coated with an active biocompatible material (hydroxyapatite). Regarding biocompatibility, coated PEEK was implanted inside the specimen in rabbit bone, the specimens were X-rayed after a period, and a histological investigation was performed after the samples were extracted from the test animals. X-ray and histological examination results indicate increased bone formation in the HA-coated implant compared with the non-coated HA implant.</em></p> Marwa J. Mohammed Sadiq J. Hamandi Marwan N. Arbilei Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Multiapp 2022-11-14 2022-11-14 3 5 235 240 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v3i5.710 Review on Region-Based Segmentation Using Watershed and Region Growing Techniques and their Applications in Different Fields <p><em>In digital image processing and computer vision, segmentation operation for an image refers to dividing an image into multiple image segments, and the significant purpose of segmentation operation is to depict an image in a way so that the analysis process of the objects of interest is easier and more accurate. The region-based segmentation scheme act for finding similarities between adjacent pixels to detect each region that constructs the image. Similarity scales have based on different features, in a grayscale image, the scale may be referred to as textures and other spatial appearances, and also the variance in intensity of a region and so on. Significantly, many applications in different fields involved region-based segmentation for instance remote sensing, medical application, and others for recognizing interesting objects in an image. In this paper, two techniques for segmentation operation in region-based which are region growing and watershed are reviewed.</em></p> Noor khalid Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Multiapp 2022-11-14 2022-11-14 3 5 241 249 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v3i5.714