Development of Accounting Practice in Various Approaches in the Field of Science

  • Hyunh Chau Department of Finance, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Khanh Liu Department of Finance, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Keywords: Accounting, Development, Companies


This study discusses the development of accounting practice in various approaches in the field of science. Bookkeeping must create in arrange to be able to supply the data necessary for choice making within the company for any changes within the trade environment. Trade globalization can be seen from free exchange between nations which has come about within the development of many multinational companies, this moreover influences the require for harmonization of a standard that applies to the total world. Bookkeeping can moreover be classified agreeing to a country's legitimate framework. This see has ruled bookkeeping considering for the final 20 a long time or so. The result could be a solid capital showcase creating in common law nations and a powerless capital advertise creating in code law nations. Companies in common law nations get a huge sum of capital through open advertising of offers to a number of financial specialists, compared to companies in code-dwelling nations.


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