Gold and Bitcoin Price Dynamics as a Reflection of Investor Sentiment

  • Nataliya Sheludʹko Department of monetary and credit relations, Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine, Ukrainе
  • Oleg Vasiurenko Vice-Rector on Economics, PVNZ, Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology, Ukrainе
  • Vyacheslav Lyashenko Department of Informatics, Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics, Ukrainе
  • Nadiia Morozova Department of Management, Business and Professional Communications, Educational and Scientific Institute, Karazinsky Banking Institute, Ukrainе
Keywords: Gold, Bitcoin, Price Dynamics Investment


The modern pandemic affects all areas of human activity. In this regard, various aspects of the preservation of economic activity become fundamental. One of these issues is the choice of an investment strategy, the choice of investment instruments. To do this, we examined the mutual dynamics of gold and bitcoin prices during the pandemic. For the analysis, we use the wavelet coherence methodology. This made it possible to substantiate some strategies and the choice of investment instruments.


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